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The Top Three Virtual Team Building Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

As the demand for virtual team building opportunities grows, so does the number of questions that come with it.

One of the top questions we’re asked at Think Quick Events has to do with how remote groups can get the most out of their virtual team building sessions; as well as, what mistakes they should avoid along the way to keep attendees engaged, and excited, no matter where they’re joining from.

Here are the top three virtual team building mistakes to look out for, and how you can sidestep them to get the most out of your next event.

Mistake #1: Not Accounting for Technical Challenges

Ah, technology. It makes connecting easier in a disjointed work environment, but it can certainly come with its own challenges.

How many Zoom meetings have you been a part of over the past year and a half that have included “can you see my screen?” or “can everybody hear me?

All attendees should be able to fully participate in everything that the virtual team building opportunity has to offer. This means ensuring that on a fundamental level, everyone can attend and enjoy the experience.

Technical glitches, firewalls or other technology fails that require troubleshooting can put a real damper on any virtual event. Attendees who wind up trying to solve these technical problems, as opposed to trying to solve the fun puzzles they’re supposed to be taking part in, miss out when it comes to key takeaways.

Making sure that folks feel comfortable and confident with the virtual platforms that they’re using – whether it’s a custom-built platform, or something hosted on a video conference website – is critical to ensure they’re not wasting their own mental energy and time troubleshooting.

Accounting for technical challenges ahead of time will help team members be present in the moment, remain dedicated to having fun, and fully participate in the team building activity.

Mistake #2: Not Encouraging Full Virtual Participation

Don’t you hate it when it’s very clear that some people are mentally checked out or multi-tasking during a virtual call?

Virtual team building requires all of your attention – especially if you want to forge strong connections with colleagues.

Being able to see teammates and engage with them visually and audibly are important components of relationship building. When an attendee is able to be on camera, it can certainly hinder the experience for all involved.

While it’s hoped that everyone can share their camera to make the experience as personal as possible through the virtual screen, it’s unfortunately not always an option. But for teams that highly encourage full virtual participation, the results speak for themselves!

Mistake #3: Not Considering Different Participation Styles

All teams are usually comprised of members with different personalities and working styles, and it’s not uncommon to have some outgoing team members mixed in with others who are more introverted.

Creating a balance between these group dynamics is extremely important when conducting any team building activity. In fact, it helps to develop diversity of thought inside a well-rounded team or organization.

This balance between introverts and extroverts can allow those that may feel more reserved to feel more confident and fully lean into team building. Without it, the group may not get the full benefit of their participation.

To help create a positive experience for a person who may be more introverted or reserved, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind:

Firstly, people may not necessarily express excitement, engagement, and attention in the same way. Just because somebody might not be at the edge of their seat, yelling at the top of their lungs, or pointing at the screen or at their colleagues doesn’t mean that they aren’t engaged, attentive, and having fun. Truthfully, they may be internally processing the unfolding activities and still be having a good experience.

Secondly, choice of team building activity is incredibly important to engage a variety of personality types. Choosing activities that are carefully crafted to cater to different working and engagement styles is essential to a successful virtual team building activity. Striking this balance can be challenging, especially if this is your first time organizing a virtual team building event – and that’s when it might be helpful to coordinate alongside a professional.

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Team Building

In summary, getting the most out of your virtual team building session really comes down to a few key points:

  • Ensure participants are familiar with all technical requirements well ahead of time
  • Block off your calendars and limit all other distractions
  • Encourage active participation from all team members
  • Choose virtual team building activities that engage all types of personalities and learning styles
  • Remember that not all participants will engage in the same way
  • Try to debrief together after the session is over

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