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Event Options

Events for every team

We offer four options of interactive team building activities, and we’ll work with you to choose the game style and level of involvement that is best for your group.

We sell our programs in bundles of 10 tickets for $300 – and any unused tickets after the fact can be used as a credit for a future program! Events generally last 90 minutes,  but shorter or longer lengths can be arranged as well. Bulk discounts available for groups of 30 or more!

Digital Escape Room

How it works:
Face off in your puzzle-filled adventure in a dramatic race against the clock and against other teams for the fastest time! Collaborate over voice while you search, click, and solve your way through a fully digitized escape room.

Our team is there to help when needed, popping in and out of groups when help is requested. And if you don’t finish, pause the game and come back to complete it later!

We’re happy to incorporate custom content from your organization into puzzles for a uniquely tailored experience.

  • Perfect for events focusing on teamwork

Scramble Scavenger Hunt

How it works:
Rediscover items in and around your homes to complete challenges as a team! Pics or it didn’t happen – grab screenshots and pictures while you rally together to complete group challenges, and cheer each other on for solo missions.

This event is sure to have everyone smiling and laughing as you create memories you’ll never forget, and hilarious photos that will remind you of these wacky, fun times!

For a truly custom event, we can craft special hunts with missions and items to make it special for your organization.

  • Great for work happy hours or events with family

Code Crackers Puzzle Contest

How it works:
Put your thinking caps on as you work with your team to complete as many puzzles as you can before the round’s timer runs out! Collaborate in real time using voice, video, typed chat and drawn annotations to work out the answers to each question.

Use your time wisely to decide how to work together. Divide and conquer or focus one at a time? Tackle easy questions first or complete harder ones for more points?

Let us know if you’d like us to incorporate custom puzzles that involve your team, group, or organization!

  • Awesome for team building for every occasion

Brain Break Trivia Show

How it works:
Not your typical trivia – you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and minds open as the trivia questions unfold and reveal their true nature! What you think is a history question is actually a science one! A movie question turns out to be about animals!

Formats available for individual play or team play, you choose how you and your group want your trivia experience to pan out!

Opportunities to roll in special questions highlighting your group can make the trivia show uniquely yours like none other!

  • Great lighthearted fun to add to meeting agendas


Want a host to lead the way?

One of our team members can take your team through challenges and join smaller breakout teams to answer questions, offer clues, submit answers, take photos, and just make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is having a good time. That way your team can just focus on working together and having fun! Available for all event options, but subject to staff availability.

Additional cost is +25% to total activity price


Explore communication styles

We know how important effective communication is in navigating group dynamics and increasing organizational performance across teams. That’s why we created our Collaborative Communication Keynote. We highlight reflections on the game and behaviors that can be immediately applied in the workplace. Available for all event options, but subject to facilitator availability.

Starting at $15 per person, available to groups of any size

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