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Fun Activities That Actually Help Build Stronger Virtual Teams

Gone are the tried – and unfortunately, tired – days of team building.

If you’re looking to bring your team together and reap the benefit of activities that enhance workplace communication and collaboration, the first step is to say goodbye to trust falls and hello to fun, engaging activities that are actually proven to help build stronger, more successful teams.

The importance of employee buy-in

If you’ve been following along with us, you’ll already know that team building is critical in the workplace, leading to improved communication and morale, better leadership development, and the new discovery of team skills and abilities that can have big business payoffs.

Team building also positively influences employee engagement – an important metric that goes far beyond employee satisfaction – defined as a measure of an employee’s passion and commitment to their work. When employees are engaged, they achieve much more, much quicker, leading to a positive impact on a business’ bottom line.

But simply setting up team bonding activities and making employee attendance mandatory can do more harm than good, research shows. Without staff buy-in and a truly voluntary approach toward team building, these stale tactics can cause negative feelings towards related activities.

Fun virtual team building activities for groups that work

Although a lot of science, professional experience, and research influence the activities we develop at Think Quick Events, fun is also at the top of the priority list, helping managers and leaders get that coveted staff buy-in that’s crucial for successful team building.

Sometimes fun is built into the design of the puzzle. Sometimes it’s included in the way information is being presented or represented. Other times, fun exists in the actual task or activity itself, or it’s in the competition that’s incorporated into the experience.

Our game designers develop team building activities that encourage real-time collaboration, in-the-moment communication, and problem solving as a group where people are invited to leverage their strengths, show their excitement, and work things through by critically thinking as a team to get to solutions they might not have been able to reach on their own.

Whether it’s a Digital Escape Room where communication is critical to solve a series of twisty puzzles or a Code Crackers event where teams may choose to divide and conquer based on their strengths, teams learn to rely on each other, building trust all while having fun.

All these elements that come together to drive team engagement and enjoyment simultaneously are at the core of Think Quick Events.

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