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How Diversity of Thought Helps Build Stronger Teams

One of the most important values we hold close at Think Quick Events is the ability to celebrate diversity of thought.

Today we’re going to tell you why embracing and cultivating diversity of thought is so important in order to build stronger, happier, and more profitable virtual and in-person teams, but first let’s start at the beginning.

Meet Jayson Mamaclay: Founder, Artist, Accountant, and Much More

There’s no better time to introduce you to our founder, Jayson Mamaclay, than while we’re on the topic of diversity of thought – his unique background and blend of skills are what helped shape the vision for Think Quick Events, including its core focus of diversity of thought.

Jayson’s background in business consulting and auditing provided a first-hand look at the communication and collaboration challenges so many organizations are facing – regardless of their size – and strategies to overcome them.

An artist and a former CPA, he has always loved using both the right side and left side of the brain to finding creative solutions to solve complicated problems. Jayson has long believed that the skills needed to observe and identify critical information in cooperative gaming environments are the same skills required to grow and develop a successful team and business.

With COVID-19 came an entirely new set of challenges. Jayson thought to himself, “How can we give teams an opportunity to connect and apply their diverse talents and perspectives in a fun and engaging way, no matter where in the world they are?”

Think Quick Events emerged as the  answer, solving the challenge of providing effective yet fun team building opportunities in a virtual world. Paired with Jayson’s distinct mix of experience, skills, and passion, Think Quick Events provides teams with more effective, engaging, and holistic team building opportunities that strike hard at the concept of diversity of thought.

Why Diversity of Thought is Important in the Workplace

Recognition of other people’s strengths, values, and skills is essential to forging a stronger, more connected team. At Think Quick Events, our goal is to introduce activities that motivate and energize employees, encouraging them to think differently and become more well-rounded team members – and human beings.

Specialized team building activities can encourage a newfound sense of togetherness, building stronger bonds, creating new opportunities for connection, and leading to increased productivity and morale on the job.

Prioritizing Diversity of Thought Through Virtual Team Building Activities

Think Quick Events offers interactive team building activities that help groups recognize their internal strengths and abilities and introduce new strategies to apply these findings on the job.

In our activities, titles and tenure are set aside, as everyone comes to the table with their own unique perspectives and skills to contribute toward team success. Perhaps it’s in the way we diversify how players consume information, be it a visual puzzle or a math-based challenge or a verbal riddle. Or maybe it’s in the way we divide teams in ways that encourage the crossing of communities, such as mixing generations, management levels, or departments. And as the players progress through the game, everyone has a voice to contribute and an opportunity to

celebrate success together as no one individual rises to the top without the whole team there with them.

All team building activities at Think Quick Events are designed to be hands-free experiences that make the corporate event planner’s life easy – simply show up ready to play! We want employees and the managers that lead them to have a seamless experience that allows everyone to walk away with newfound knowledge, skills, and appreciation for diversity.

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