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Virtual Group Celebrations Help Bring Teams Together

Flexible work is here to stay. Currently, 16% of companies have a fully remote workforce and a recent Mercer survey found that 70% of companies say that a blend of in-person and remote (or hybrid) teams will be the new normal. While many enjoy the flexibility and increased productiveness of remote and hybrid work, some miss socializing and celebrating regularly alongside their colleagues. People aren’t necessarily seeing each other every day as they were when the majority of people were working in an office setting. One of the best ways to bring teams together is virtual group celebrations.

Why Are Virtual Group Celebrations Important?

We know that team building provides the opportunity to connect, engage, learn new skills, hear diverse perspectives and celebrate each other, and when that

happens, everyone benefits. In remote and hybrid workplaces, virtual team building might be the only chance for teams to truly be able to engage with each other.

When groups are together, engaging in a fun activity, this is also a great opportunity to share and celebrate the successes of the team, individual members, and the company goals that have been reached over the course of the year. As we approach year end, virtual group celebrations are the perfect time for management to highlight the successes for the quarter or year, and welcome new team members by encouraging everyone to get together and share this experience.

In their recent white paper, O.C. Tanner Company found that connections at work not only support employee happiness, they also help employees perform better. And 90% of employees have a greater trust in a leader who recognizes their accomplishments.

Also, celebrating special events can help foster meaningful work relationships that can offer social support. Fun team building activities can provide the opportunity to recognize employee birthdays and other non-work-related milestones.

Team building activities are wonderful, but it’s also important to make sure time is budgeted for meaningful and genuine connection throughout. Keep the meeting open or send people back into their breakout rooms so they can savour and enjoy interactions with each other. These fun activities are essential to cultivate team building and to show everyone that we can accomplish anything if we work together.

An Opportunity to Shine

A recent Forbes article highlights that disengaged employees contribute to lower  company revenue. Citing a Gallup finding, disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability. As these numbers show, it’s imperative to have engaged teams in your company as a recipe for success!

A great place to start is to invest in team building events like those offered by Think Quick Events. The activities offered by Think Quick Events are fun and inclusive, each member of the group is encouraged to participate fully in activities which require a wide range of strengths and skillsets from code cracking, to logic, to visual perception, trivia and pop-culture knowledge, and more. Everyone—both extroverts and introverts–has an opportunity to shine and showcase their strengths thereby improving morale and a fostering feeling of greater connectedness.

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