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It’s the Season to Celebrate! Let’s Not Forget Our Partners in Business.

Every business, no matter the sector, is being asked to do more with less and relationships with suppliers are now closer and more important than ever. In some cases companies, like those in manufacturing, can spend up to 48 cents of every dollar of revenue on materials from a supplier, making for a relationship that’s less arms-length and more like a close partnership. This holiday season, celebrating your team and employees is important, but let’s not forget to celebrate the next most important people to your business, your suppliers and vendor partners.

Meaningful Experiences Build Stronger Relationships

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that team building is critical for companies to invest in as there is a direct correlation between engaged teams and

increased morale, improved leadership, and the discovery of new skills and abilities that can have a direct effect on your company. This holiday season, it’s also important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of suppliers and other vendor partners that helped your company achieve its goals this past year. Virtual team building activities are fun and offer the opportunity for people to get to know you and your organization and vice versa. Working together with your suppliers on problem-solving activities, that also involve making decisions and working together to achieve goals as a team, is a strong relationship building exercise that will impact your company overall in a positive way and provide an experience your vendor partners won’t soon forget.

Much More Than Branded Merchandise

We probably all have at least a drawer full of corporate branded items that were sent to us as gifts. Hosting a virtual supplier celebration is way to express gratitude and show your partners how much you value them by providing a meaningful experience, rather than by sending them a tangible object. Think of the time and effort you’ll save by not having to coordinate packing and shipping that company branded merchandise. Also, hosting a virtual team building event allows you to expand and scale up to be able to reach a wider network of suppliers and vendor partners, no matter where they’re located. Chances are, your partners value the relationship they have with your company, too. Celebrating them is investing in your relationship and lets them know how important they are to your company. Think Quick Events offers many options for fun, inclusive activities that help build stronger and more connected teams and partnerships.

Ready to celebrate the partners that make your business a success? Get in touch with us today to start planning your year-end virtual partner celebration.

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Jayson Mamaclay