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Think Quick Events: Virtual Team Building Events and Activities for all Groups

Our world looks very different now than it did just a mere 12 months ago, and the way we interact with our teams and coworkers has changed, too. Now more than ever, groups need virtual team building to connect, learn and grow together safely and effectively.

Say Hello to Think Quick Events

Think Quick Events provides interactive team building activities through engaging experiences and online events that connect players around the world from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Unlike traditional social activities both online and offline – which may focus on individual skill and problem solving and allow people to become passive and disengaged – Think Quick Events breaks through the trance of the digital screen thanks to engaging and interactive game content that drives real-time collaboration and high energy, embraces diversity of thought, and build team camaraderie and trust.

Whether you’re a group of 2 or 2,000, Think Quick Events offers a selection of fun and interactive activities that will meet the needs of your team and your budget.

What Makes Think Quick Events Different from Other Virtual Team Building Services?

Think Quick Events delivers experiences that strike hard at the concept of diversity of thought. We believe teams are stronger when they embrace and celebrate their differences, strengths, and experiences. Our goal is to introduce activities that energize team members and put them in new environments that allow them to think differently and become more well-rounded employees – and human beings.

Not only do our activities encourage team camaraderie, they help to build bonds, trust, and connections that instill a deeply human efficiency in teams that you can’t get from simply reading a training manual or following a presentation or webinar.

Seamless Participation for Teams and Their Leaders

Team building should be accessible and engaging for all – that includes the managers and leaders responsible for getting team building together in the first place. We offer a “hands-off” approach to virtual team building that makes it easy – and fun – for all team members across all levels. There are so many other job stressors in the mix – team building shouldn’t be one of them.

Our full-service events allow everyone to engage, celebrate, and enjoy themselves in the moment. We encourage all team members to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fun, while also taking something away from the event that allows them to excel both professionally and personally.

Remote Team Learning and Skill Building: What’s the Goal?

We like to think of our team building events as a form of “edutainment” – a unique blend of education and entertainment that allows everyone to walk away with a new skill, ability, or perspective.

While the end goal is to have fun, Think Quick Events’ activities also help participants work better as a team, build stronger connections, and forge foundations of trust. Our game design helps foster critical thinking and develop an understanding of how others’ minds are working, creating new opportunities for awareness that help to better genuinely connect as human beings.

For groups looking to take this learning opportunity to the next level, Think Quick Events can also help companies explore key variations in different working and communication styles. By using the experiences of our activities and the behaviors exhibited by team members as a springboard for conversation, we discuss the importance of highlighting the strengths of different styles as well as strategies to bridge gaps in communication. The end result is an increased understanding and appreciation of the power of diversity of thought, made possible by all members of the team.

So, Who Can Benefit from Virtual Team Building?

The answer: anyone and everyone!

Remote learning through engaging team building activities offers an opportunity for relationship building, allows team members to learn from each other, and develop appreciation of their group’s diverse skills, interests, and abilities – no matter their area of subject expertise, level of experience, or their location.

Work with Think Quick Events

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