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Why Remote Team Learning is a Sustainable Approach to Training and Collaboration

Since even before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been turning to new, exciting ways to help their teams learn, connect, and engage.

With fewer opportunities to get together in the new era of working from home, virtual team building has become even more popular. Research has shown that the right touchpoints are essential to help virtual teams thrive, and access to effective team building is one of those key touchpoints.

Here’s why managers and owners should take their remote team learning and remote team building activities online.

Remote team learning is flexible

One of the biggest benefits of virtual team learning and remote team building is flexibility.

Teams can access virtual training and team building opportunities no matter where in the world they may be, and they don’t have to sacrifice their safety or wellbeing in order to participate. All that’s required is access to a computer and wi-fi – something that’s already fuelling virtual teams in this day and age.

Because virtual team building happens online, it also means that owners or managers aren’t limited when it comes to options. Instead, they can choose a provider that offers the very best programming for their team regardless of their physical location.

For example, teams in New York City can easily access training in San Francisco, and this flexibility means that organizations aren’t limited when it comes to finding their best virtual training or learning fit.

Remote team learning and team building is affordable

Without traditional overhead costs, remote team learning, and remote team building make it possible for employees across all levels of an organization to collaborate and build skills – without taking a hit to their bottom line.

Say goodbye to extra costs typically associated with corporate events, organizational training or team building sessions, such as space rental or technical requirements.

Not to mention, being able to connect and improve personal development skills from the comfort of your own home means fewer costs associated with travel, including any potential stresses or environmental impacts that come with it.


Remote team learning and team building can be more effective – when done right

Would you be shocked to discover that remote team building and remote team learning can actually be more effective than in-person alternatives?

It’s true!

Putting a team’s professional development into the hands of specialists who help teams connect, engage, and grow every day can lead to better learning and/or development outcomes. Managers and CEOs can then focus on big picture items,

resting assured that the experts have their team’s virtual learning opportunities well taken care of.

Some virtual team building activities can even be customized to suit your team’s specific needs or goals, ensuring that each element of your virtual experience is tailored to deliver the exact outcomes you’re hoping for.

Remote team learning and virtual team building can still be fun!

Without regular opportunities for team social interaction, employees are likely to feel lonely or isolated. Remote team building activities that are specifically designed to strengthen team bonds make team collaboration and development engaging – even behind a virtual screen.

Remote team learning shouldn’t be monotonous or taxing – it should be fun and engaging! Opt for virtual team learning or training opportunities that include an element of “edutainment”, keeping things fun while helping employees build skills and perspectives necessary for success in the workplace.

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