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Celebrate Summer! Virtual Team Building Events to Try with Your Team This Season

Believe it or not, having fun is essential to the success of your business.

Team building activities that are specifically designed to strengthen team bonds and foster connection can help beat employee burnout and remote team isolation, boost mental health, and enhance your bottom line. When team building is done right, it can help build feelings of trust and camaraderie between coworkers, encouraging collaboration and enhancing communication.

Team building doesn’t have to be boring – and it doesn’t have to happen in person, either.

Virtual Team Building Events for Remote Teams

Summer is the perfect time to round up your team and acknowledge the hard work employees contribute on an everyday basis, but it can be difficult to coordinate given vacation schedules and other seasonal commitments.

Remote team building brings teams together despite geographic hurdles or local restrictions in place. And sometimes, deciding what you’ll do together as a team is just as tough as determining how you’ll make it happen.

Virtual Team Building Activities from Think Quick Events

Think Quick Events offers a variety of interactive team building activities that transcend the digital screen and accommodate team members anywhere, whether you’re a group of 2 or 2,000.

We offer games that are thoughtfully designed to cater to the skills and strengths of any team, encouraging collaboration and building trust to bring teams closer.

Gone are the days of workplace trust falls – our four unique activities bring the fun back to team building, all while building stronger and more successful teams.

Digital Escape Room

Bring the exhilarating experience of an in-person escape room directly to you! Think Quick Events’ Digital Escape Room has teams face off to solve puzzles in a race against the clock, enhancing collaboration skills through communication – skills essential for any workplace.

Scramble Scavenger Hunt

In the Scramble Scavenger Hunt, teams are required to work together to rediscover everyday items in their homes or offices to solve a series of challenges and rack up points. Not only do screenshots help you prove your progress, but they can also capture the fun along the way.

Code Crackers Puzzle Contest

Calling all puzzle lovers! The Code Crackers Puzzle Contest puts teams together to solve as many puzzles as possible before the clock runs out. Collaboration is key in this team activity, drawing on the individual skills and affinities of each group member to crack the codes necessary to score points.

Brain Break Trivia Show

Not your typical trivia, the Think Quick Events’ Brain Break Trivia Show requires participants to keep their minds open and eyes peeled for clues necessary to discover the real answers required to put points on the scoreboard. Work closely with teammates to uncover the solutions and hone your communication skills.

Book Your Next Team Building Activity with Think Quick Events

Partnering with Think Quick Events takes all the work out of your hands – simply show up and enjoy the event – we’ll take care of the rest!

To book your next activity, reach out to our team today.

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