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How COVID-19 Has Fundamentally Changed the Way Teams Work – For the Better

There’s no denying it – COVID-19 has definitely changed the way people do business for good.

For those who were previously against the notion of remote work, there’s been no choice but to adopt and adapt in order to stay afloat and forge ahead. COVID-19 meant that remote work was no longer just a possibility, but a necessity.

As we continue to make strides toward a more “normal” way of life, the increased acceptance of remote work continues to present an expanse of opportunity for people to collaborate in new ways, allowing people to work together and be their best, effective, and authentic selves.

In fact, we’d even go as far as to argue that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way teams work together – for the better.

Collaborate Anywhere – With Anyone – In the World

With virtual tools like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, working together when we’re apart has never been easier.

The virtual workplace has made it possible for managers and owners to access top talent in their industries that might not have previously been possible because of geographic barriers. Depending on the role, businesses no longer need to limit their recruiting efforts to those within a certain geographical boundary, meaning they can hire the best fit for the position anywhere, not just the best fit in their own city or state.

And not only is collaboration free of boundaries or borders great news for talent acquisition, it’s also important for goals that focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace – something we feel strongly that every team should prioritize.

Working Together Flexibly with Virtual Teams

The virtual workplace has also made it more feasible for teams to effectively collaborate with people who require flexibility or other accommodations.

In a time filled with so much uncertainly and pressure, the balance between work and rest has never been more important. In the virtual workplace, employees can (and should!) take advantage of this increased flexibility to prioritize their mental health to avoid burnout and disengagement.

Flexibility is also important in the way that it supports different working styles and preferences in general. Some people find they’re more productive in the very early mornings. Others tend to do their best work in the evening. Some might have time zone constraints that would otherwise make working together near impossible.

Flexibility can make all the difference when it comes to the success of a team and the inherent happiness of its members.

Embracing New Ways to Work Together Virtually

We’re very much looking forward to when COVID-19 is a thing of the past and getting back together when it’s safe to do so, but to banish the chances to work with others – even if we’re not face to face – would be a shame.

It is an effective opportunity for teams to embrace holistic collaboration by incorporating all the ways that individuals can work together, whether in person or virtually.

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