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How Virtual Team Building Develops Stronger Teams and Leaders

If COVID-19 has taught all of us anything, it’s how to pivot.

Businesses have been forced to become nimbler than ever as a result of the pandemic, finding new ways to connect with customers. But it’s also required innovative solutions to keep teams strong, helping them feel connected and motivated – especially if they’re working in ways (and locations!) that they don’t traditionally work with each other.

Employee Burnout and the Virtual Workplace

Employee burnout was prevalent long before COVID-19, but it has accelerated like never before in the virtual workplace.

In a traditional office setting, employees have the ability to connect and engage regularly, taking a break to gather around the proverbial water cooler to build bonds. Working from home means employees are stuck behind a screen all day with no social breaks, no reprieve from the constant grind, and no easy way to

organically connect with fellow teammates. While regularly scheduled social meetings can bring a team together for a short time, eventually they become monotonous. It doesn’t take long for these “social parties” to become just another meeting on the daily docket.

Virtual Activities Designed to Build Stronger Teams

Unlike online happy hours or comedy shows, virtual team building events are specifically designed to strengthen team bonds and foster connection through the digital screen.

True team building activities focus on collective thinking, communication and collaboration, and allow teammates to discover new ways to rely on each other. While shared experiences like paint nights or cooking classes can be a fun way to unwind as a group, they don’t necessarily introduce new skills or perspectives that are relevant to the notion of working together as a team.

At Think Quick Events, event planners and managers can choose from a variety of virtual team building activities that have been carefully crafted to build team cohesion. Each activity requires different perspectives, skills, and abilities in order to reach a common goal, ensuring no one contributor is responsible for carrying the entire load.

Virtual Team Building: The Benefits for Leadership

One of virtual team building’s biggest benefits is its accessibility across alllevels of an organization.

Managers and CEOs can choose to participate or leverage virtual team building opportunities to actually observe teams in action. In the virtual environment, managers can easily study and understand the dynamics of a team, learning what works, what doesn’t, and what brings the magic to the mix.

Because virtual team building activities allow for employee observation in a non-work environment, they offer greater insight into team functionality and spark new ideas surrounding team dynamics to develop happier, more well-rounded teams.

Discover the Benefits of Virtual Team Building

Ready to get your team together? Virtual team building is an effective, safe, and easily scalable way to provide effective team building across entire groups. Reach out to Think Quick Events today to get started!

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